Lex Chamberlin

Writer of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror


"Reward for Hubris" - Wyrms 2: An Anthology of Dragon Drabbles

An expedition into a wyrm warren reaches its end.
-100 words-

Radon Journal Issue 6 Cover

"Willow at the Labyrinth's Core" - The Colored Lens, Spring 2024

You fought well through the maze, but can you defeat the willow?
-906 words-

Radon Journal Issue 6 Cover

"The Surgeon" - Factor Four Magazine, Issue 33

A successful doctor is interrogated for suspected necromancy.
-998 words-

Radon Journal Issue 6 Cover

"Peppermint" - Creepy Podcast

A minty Christmas visit grows increasingly unsettling.
-2,496 words-

Radon Journal Issue 6 Cover

"Take Care" - Radon Journal, Issue 6

A hospice android struggles to adapt her protocols to the undead.
-2,307 words-

Radon Journal Issue 6 Cover

"Wandering Womb" - The Dread Machine, Issue 3.4

Out of painkillers, a woman considers letting the kudzu take her.
-897 words-

The Dread Machine Issue 3.4 Cover

"Eight Legs Under Moonlight" - Diet Milk Magazine, Fall / Winter II

In a Victorian town plagued by werespiders, a curious spinster takes in a mysterious woman.
-3,472 words-

Diet Milk Magazine Fall / Winter II Cover

"Cherry's Strawberry Revenge" - HyphenPunk, Issue 8

An ex–art student's explosive crafts hit back at the horde.
-1,055 words-

HyphenPunk Issue 8 Cover

"Giver of Flesh" - Martian Magazine, Summer 2023

The Martian fungi are not as harmless as they seemed.
-100 words-

Martian Magazine Summer 2023 Cover

"Ascendant Neither-Nors" - Radon Journal, Issue 4

One last mission in a dying planet's garden.
-1,167 words-

Radon Journal Issue 4 Cover

"Willing Souls" - The Colored Lens, Winter 2023

A professor and her android are cornered by an insectoid swarm.
-994 words-

The Colored Lens Winter 2023 Cover

Coming Soon:

  • "New Immortals" - Inner Worlds

  • "Anti-Phantasmic Spearmint Mocktail" - The Cosmic Background

  • "Eight Legs Under Moonlight" (Reprint) - The Year’s Best Arthropod Short Fiction


Lex Chamberlin (they/she) is a nonbinary and autistic writer of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. They hold a master’s degree in book publishing and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and they reside in the Pacific Northwest with their husband and quadrupedal heirs.They are currently querying their first novel (fantasy) and working on their second (sci-fi, a sequel to their Radon Journal story "Ascendant Neither-Nors"). See below for project descriptions:The Marked Coven
A coven of witches with nocturnal tattoo-based magic defends their secret village and power source from a dying kingdom’s invasion.
City of Flora
Rhian, a human-sunflower hybrid from Deadworld 68, learns that their Engineer overlords plan to wipe out over half the space station.